About Codera

Codera is a name of the designer, and at the same time, a name of a project .

Address : ASSETS KAMEIDO 40A, 2-28-3, Kameido, Koto-ku, Tokyo, 136-0071

E-mail :

Tel :080-3367-0835


Codera's aims

Codera is a project aiming to contribute to society by making three parties, i.e., you, someone who needs help and me, happy.

2012.07 - Present: Donation to WVJ


Partial proceeds of the sales are donated to World Vision Japan.


2015.03.20 - 05.31: Sponsor the charity ride! [campaign]

All fees were donated to the charity ride by the Knights in White Lycra who cycled 500 kilometres from Tokyo to Minamsanriku aiming to raise funds for "Place to Grow" project by OGA for Aid on May 20th 2015.

The project raised 117,000 yen. Thank you for sponsoring!

2011.03.11 - 08.31: Make donations to the earthquake victims! [campaign]

Earthquakes are destructive but we're not. Codera tries to be as productive as possible - Instead of making payment for the creation of websites, donations to the earthquake victims were made by clients.

The project raised ¥188,000 + €100. Thank you for your support!



Graphic Design + Marketing

Codera provides affordable graphic design services, for companies, businesses, community organization and individuals.


Please feel free to contact me If you would like to have a logo, business cards, flyers and posters for your business projects.


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  • The 2nd Grade of Color Design Test, Authorized by International Color Design Association of Designers Skill Cert. Organaization (Aug. 2011)
  • Certificate in IT Proficiencies: Computer Graphics and Web Design, Temple University Japan Continuing Education (July 2010)
  • Certificate in Management fundamentals, Temple University Japan Continuing Education (July 2009)