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毛筆ロゴ作成 50% OFF !

2016.3.25 - 5/31 毛筆ロゴ作成を1,000円で!



- ロゴマークデザインは含みませんのでご注意下さい。毛筆による文字のみとなります。
- 縦書きか横書きか教えて下さい。
- 色の指定がございましたらカラーチャート、CMYK、RGBまたはHTMLカラーにてご教示下さい。
- 文字のイメージ、ロゴのコンセプト、使用目的等を教えてください。

- ベクター形式での納品を希望される場合は別途2,000円の追加料金が発生します。

Graphic & Web Design Branding/Marketing

Calligraphy Logo Design at 50% OFF!

2016.3.25 - 5/31 Calligraphy Logo Design @ 1,000 JPY

Your original Japanese calligraphy logos available at 1,000 yen!


Your logo will be delivered in PNG with transparency. (2,000 yen will be charged additionally if you want your logo in vector format.)


Number of characters, whether it is complicated Kanji, Hiragana or simple Katakana, should be less than 10. If you prefer a colored logo, please tell me a color you'd like to use by using HTML color codes, or pick up a color in a color sample. Please note that it is royalty-free but is NOT copy-right free.


Calligraphies I draw are scanned and editted it in illustrator. Feel free to ask me to change colors, character gap etc. It doesn't need to be black & white, you can choose a color. Since Kanji is a logogram, your favorite word could be drawn in one character. Even if you don't understand Kanji or Japanese, I'll find an appropriate one, so feel free to contact me.